It’s time for the 10th Annual Spirit of Survival on Sunday, October 4, 2015 and this is an anniversary celebration you won’t want to miss!

Ten years ago, the Inaugural Spirit of Survival Marathon was hosted at the historic Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge. Due to the location, and the fact that the event took place on a US Wildlife Refuge, the race had a wildlife theme and featured a full marathon, marathon relay, half marathon, 10K, and a 5K race up Mount Scott, the second highest mountain in Oklahoma. The purpose of the race was to raise funds to help build the regions only full-service cancer centers in Lawton, Altus and Duncan.

After four years, the race moved to neighboring Lawton due to road construction on the refuge, and the current Spirit of Survival was born which feature a half marathon, quarter marathon, 5K, one-mile spirit walk and kid’s marathon. Upon the move, the SOS adopted a superhero theme, and since the three new cancer centers in Lawton, Altus and Duncan were now open and operational, all proceeds from the event were allocated for cancer research being conducted at the newly constructed cancer centers. Over the last four years, it has been common to see participants donning costumes as their favorite superheroes.

THIS YEAR, in observation of our Ten Year Anniversary the Spirit of Survival is returning to our roots with a wildlife theme celebrating the true Spirit of Survival of our native people, indigenous species and the pioneer spirit that created the great state of Oklahoma! As you review our materials and information, you will see this theme celebrated and reflected in the images of our native species such as: the American bison, longhorn cattle, elk, white-tailed deer, coyote, prairie dogs, hawks, wild turkey, mountain boomers and other indigenous species found on the sprawling Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge located just 15 miles from our start line.

We are proud that to date, nearly half a million dollars has been raised for cancer research through the SOS, with the goal of one day finding a cure for all cancers. Until then, the work that we are doing is focused on curing patients of cancers that may otherwise have no cure, and adding quality and quantity of life for all of our patients.
We hope this year, you will join us in continuing our fight against cancer, and participate in one of the events of the 10th Annual Spirit of Survival on Sunday, October 4, 2015!

Join us in celebration of our History and Purpose
In observance of our 10 YEAR ANNIVERSARY, we are excited that this years’ event will focus on a return to our roots—our historic beginning, rooted in the wildlife theme and spirit that got it all started. Although we are no longer running on the Wildlife Refuge, we are celebrating our native heritage and the Survivor Spirit of the people of Oklahoma!

We hope you will join us and take a few moments to learn more about our races and the special events going on the weekend of October 3 – 4, 2015! There is a race for everyone!

For those who need a little help getting prepared, please click on our Train With Us link to find out how you can participate in our FREE 12-week training program.


The 1st SOS Group Training was Saturday and started at 7 am at Dick’s Sporting Goods Store.  The turn-out was GREAT!  Almost 300 people came out to train.


On Thursday, the kick-off for the 10th Annual Spirit of Survival Training took place at Dick’s Sporting Goods. An unprecedented number of people showed up for free hamburgers, hot dogs, SOS race registration and to sign up for the free 12-week training program. Over 800 were in attendance and almost 400 of those registered to participate in training!

We would like to thank the staff who worked, Dick’s Sporting Goods, our SOS trainers and everyone who helped to make this year’s kick-off such an amazing success.